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Chinese language course, Ni Hao series by ChinaSoft

Chinese Language Course


* NEW *

Ni Hao eCourse for iPad

Ni Hao 1 eCourse is now available.

Ni Hao 1 eCourse combines the Ni Hao 1 Textbook, Ni Hao 1 Student Workbook and Ni Hao 1 Games and brings them to life in one, easy to use App complete with interactive functions to enhance the learning experience.

Interactive Features:

  • Listen, repeat, record and review your speech and compare it to that of native speakers
  • Carry out role-plays of conversations in the book
  • Play fun and interactive games that reinforce the language learnt
  • Use the iPad’s Pinyin and Handwriting input systems to write in Chinese
  • Complete class activities and homework electronically
  • Email and print out results for your teacher
  • Complete handwritten exercises to practise writing in characters

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