Ni Hao Downloads

Student downloads

Free software for Windows and OSX is available to support the Ni Hao Series and is available from the downloads website. Student Downloads

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School downloads

Ni Hao Games and Ni Hao Audio mp3 files are only available as a school download. These resources need to be purchased before downloading. Ni Hao Games for Ni Hao 1, Ni Hao 2 and Ni Hao 3 in simplified characters and Ni Hao mp3 Audio files for Ni Hao 1 to Ni Hao 5 are available for purchase directly from ChinaSoft. Online Store.

To purchase Ni Hao Games from a reseller, please contact a reseller close to your location: Resellers.

If purchased directly from ChinaSoft, a licence will be emailed with download instructions. Please use the information on the licence to login and download the resources. If purchased from a reseller the ‘Register for download’ on the school downloads website needs to be completed to receive the licence. School downloads

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