The Ni Hao series

Ni Hao Series

Chinese language course

The Ni Hao series is a basic course for beginning students of Chinese. It provides students with the opportunity to develop communicative skills in both spoken and written Chinese at a basic level. The Communicative approach is applied in the design of this series of books. Language functions and notions are systematically incorporated in all topics and settings.

To enhance students' learning, a variety of learning materials ranging from books to software are included in the series. Each level of the series contains a textbook with CD-ROM or downloadable software, a student workbook, a teacher's handbook, audio CDs and Games software.

Simplified characters

The simplified character editions are based on the characters, pronunciation and phrases used in the Peoples' Republic of China. There is, however, an appendix which list all the vocabulary learnt in the textbook in both simplified and traditional characters.

To enhance students' reading and writing ability, characters are used throughout the text. Pinyin is used only as a guide to pronunciation. As learning progresses, the Pinyin of the characters that are to be learnt is omitted.

To equip students to read authentic materials, various print fonts are used. Kaishu, used in the main text, is an ideal font for students to learn to write. Songti, used in the the sentence patterns, is a font commonly used in newspapers and general publications. Heiti is used only for titles. In addition to the print fonts, hand-written script, which aims to equip students with the ability to read handwriting, is included.

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