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Ni Hao Textbooks

The textbook features the language to be learnt. The language is structured, accumulative and reinforced. Each lesson includes the following subsections:


The free software download Ni Hao eText is available for all levels of Ni Hao and enables students to practice the spoken language at home. Learn more

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The Ni Hao Workbooks

The student workbook provides a variety of activities using all four communication skills. Activities can be adapted to suit the needs of the class or of an individual.

Chinese characters are used in conjunction with Pinyin throughout the book to reinforce the student's reading and writing skills. Students are not required to write exclusively in characters, but are encouraged to use a combination of Pinyin and characters.

The characters which are to be learnt are listed in the textbook in each lesson and included in the "Writing exercise" in the workbook. Both are illustrated with stroke order.


The free software download Ni Hao eWork is available for Ni Hao 1, 2 and 3. It enables students to review the language learnt in class. Learn more

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The Ni Hao teachers handbooks

The teacher's handbook contains a general information section and a reproducible section.

The general information section provides explanations lesson by lesson and includes notes on the textbook and the workbook. It provides the materials for the listening exercise in the workbook and answers to the workbook questions. A variety of learning activities are suggested.

Some of the activities require specially designed worksheets. These are included in the blackline masters section. The teacher can photocopy these worksheets for class use. Some activities require small game cards or flashcards which can also be produced using the materials in the second part of the blackline masters section. There are the "phrases & pictures" and the "characters" in the second part of the blackline masters section. Both can be reduced to make small game cards or enlarged to make flashcards.

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Ni Hao Audio

As it is vital to have clear sound, all Ni Hao series audio CDs and mp3 files are professionally recorded and spoken by professional announcers to achieve the highest quality for students to clearly hear the material.

The audio CDs and mp3 files are designed to be used by the teacher in the classroom and by students at home. They include all the language sections in the textbook and the listening comprehension sections in the workbook.

The sections; "Conversation", "Learn the sentences" and "New words and expressions" have a time space for student repetition. Learn more

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Ni Hao PDFs

There are some online websites that are illegally supplying our Ni Hao Books as downloadable PDFs. We must let you know that we do not, and have never produced PDF versions of our books, and any websites that are offering them are doing so without our authorisation. Please, if you are seeking digital versions of our books we encourage you to use Ni Hao Online. The content is the same is in the hard copy Textbook and also contains audio and additional activities such as flash cards, quizzes and printable handwriting activities, allowing for a much more effective teaching and learning experience. Ni Hao Online.

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