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Online learning by subscription
Ideal for schools migrating to digital and/or distance learning

What is available?

Ni Hao Online is an online learning platform. It is a digital version of the Ni Hao series and is interactive. Currently available for levels 1, 2 and 3, it is ideal for schools migrating to digital and/or distance learning.

Ni Hao Online contains the content of the Ni Hao Textbook, with additional activities to assist with revision, such as a refresher flash cards, quiz and printable handwriting activities.

How to subscribe?

Each Ni Hao level is available by subscription for 26 or 53 weeks. There are two ways to subscribe:

For schools in the United States, please contact us for more

What is the subscription fee?

Payment is in Australian dollars. Your credit card supplier will convert the payment into your local currency.

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There are two models, calculated as consecutive calendar weeks

Teacher subscriptions are complimentary when a minimum number of student subscriptions is reached. Please contact ChinaSoft:

What does it run on?

As Ni Hao Online is accessed via a web browser it runs on Chrome OS, Windows 10, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS. Note that mobile phones are not supported as the content cannot be suitably displayed on small screens

Student bundle:
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The Online Textbook:

Features the language to be learnt. The Online content is the same as in the hard copy Textbook making it great for schools currently using the 你好 Nǐ Hǎo Series and looking for an easy switch to the electronic form. This online edition also includes page references to the printed edition. Each lesson includes the following subsections:

Includes audio...

Images from Ni Hao 1 Lesson 2, conversation 1

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Flash Card Refreshers:

Flash cards are used to check the students memory of the characters and of the vocabulary learnt.

Images from Ni Hao 1 Lesson 4

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Multiple choice questions testing the students knowledge of the characters and of the vocabulary learnt, everyday expressions with some having audio to check the listening skill. The quiz results can be printed.

Images from Ni Hao 1 Lesson 2

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Handwritten exercises:

Exercises and character practice charts to be downloaded and printed out for the student to complete in handwriting. Some exercises check the students listening skill.

Images from Ni Hao 1 Lesson 7

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