Ni Hao 5

Ni Hao 5

Higher Advanced level

Ni Hao 5 is a further advanced level to Ni Hao 4 and is the fifth and final stage in the series. It is suited to senior high school students in grade 12. Students will be able to discuss their future plans, decision making, lifestyle choices as well as personal opinions on popular Chinese culture. They also learn to introduce their home-town or country, including its brief historical and geographical features.

In this level Pinyin is no longer used on new characters. Students are encouraged to use their knowledge of the Chinese language to decipher words and meanings to prepare them for reading real life material.

Ni Hao 5 includes wider range of vocabulary, phrases and popular expressions to allow students to hold descriptive and detailed conversations, express their opinions on topical issues and communicate articulately in a range of common situations.

There are four lessons in Ni Hao 5 and each lesson contains three sub-topics.

Each sub-topic begins with a series of illustrations that reflect the main text on the following page. They are ideal for listening practices. The questions in the Listen and discuss section can be used to check understanding. Most of the new words, expressions and sentence patterns are introduced in the main text in the form of a dialogue, a narration or a special purpose form.

Followed by:

Appendix 1 is a list of the new words and expressions from Chinese to English and Appendix 2 is a list from English to Chinese. Appendix 3 lists all characters learnt in the Ni Hao series, from Ni Hao 1 to Ni Hao 5. Words and phrases that are formed from these characters are also included as reference.

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