Ni Hao 4

Ni Hao 4

Advanced level

Ni Hao 4 is an advanced Chinese language course for senior school students. A different approach is used for this level. There are more opportunities for listening to unrehearsed text and for discussions in Chinese. Topics for this level reflect the diversity of senior students’ lives: from school-based interests and activities to personal/social concerns about health, adolescence, part-time work, relationships, customs, technology and environmental issues.

There are four lessons in this book. Each lesson has three sub-topics and each sub-topic consists of six sections and three subsections:

  1. The illustrations section has a series of pictures and discussion questions.
  2. The pictures reflect the main text and reinforce comprehension.
  3. The questions complement the text as a testing tool.
  4. The text section introduces topics and language to be learnt using dialogue, narration or letters.
  5. The data box extends the range of expressions from the text with minimal new words. Partly colour coded key sentences are in the cartoons. Students substitute the expressions provided for the coloured parts.
  6. The short readings further reinforce language learnt in the text. The discussion questions are for student conversations. Special items include classical literature, short stories, cartoons and puzzles.
  1. example sentences
  2. vocabulary
  3. character lists and culture information

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